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Edmund Dickinson’s love of jewellery and passion for the craft was kindled at eight years old, when he became fascinated by archaeology and history. Growing up in the picturesque town of Rye, East Sussex, he found solace in exploring the stories behind ancient artefacts - objects that held profound meaning and identity, left behind by long-gone civilisations. It is this very essence of enduring significance that Edmund seeks to infuse into every piece he creates.

His journey into the world of jewellery began at Canterbury Christchurch University, where he immersed himself in the study of fine and applied arts. Fuelling his artistic fire further, he delved into silversmithing courses, and upon graduating, he pursued a formal education in design and manufacture at the British Academy of Jewellery. As a believer in continuous learning, Edmund honed his craft through apprenticeships, firstly as a skilled goldsmith and then, as a stone-setter.

From this base, he embarked on his own work, drawing inspiration from the transformation and metamorphosis of up-cycled precious metals and conflict free gemstones. As a dedicated advocate of ethical practices, Edmund hand-picks gemstones, breathing new life into these materials with a profound connection to their past. Often recycling his clients' precious metals, he is able to ensure that each creation carries a story of its own.

Every journey is tailored from inception to completion. The craftsmanship begins with meticulously hand-drawn and rendered designs, a testament to his artistic drive. Edmund himself curates the finest stones, sculpting shapes, forms, and colours in perfect harmony. Each exquisite creation finds its rightful place in an artisan wooden box, proudly adorned with the distinctive ECHD hallmark.

Edmund's unwavering attention to detail takes you on a captivating journey, weaving ancient techniques, precious metals, and gemstones into contemporary jewellery. The result is a timeless, functional, and breath taking piece to be treasured through generations - each telling its own tale of love, beauty, and human emotion.

© Edmund Dickinson Bespoke Jewellery
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