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The process begins by selecting gemstones that resonate with the client's emotions and intentions. Once the stones are chosen, the creative journey can begin - with beautifully hand drawn and rendered designs.

I use FAIRTRADE or recycled gold to create my collets

I use FAIRTRADE or recycled gold to create my collets

Working from our designs, the placement and style of the stone setting comes into its own. I often decide to set the stones in the ‘rubover’ setting. This ensures metal surrounds the entire stone and is the strongest and safest style of setting. It is important to me to know that the piece of jewellery will last generations.

© Edmund Dickinson Bespoke Jewellery

I like to upcycle as much as possible and often rework gold to produce my pieces

The beginning of the journey, from 2D drawing to the 3D realisation of the finished article

The craftsmanship culminates in the hand-crafted wooden box, proudly adorned with the ‘ECHD’ hallmark, where the item finds a fitting home.


From inception to completion, every detail is carefully considered with the client, ensuring a truly bespoke piece.

© Edmund Dickinson Bespoke Jewellery
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